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サティア サイ エデュケア

​Sathya Sai Educare







Sathya Sai Educare


“Educare," the fundamental philosophy of Sathya Sai Education in Human Values (SSEHV), which is presently incorporated into the curriculum of public and private educational institutions in over 100 countries worldwide, has its objective in fostering of human excellence.


“Educare” comes from the Latin word educare, which is the root of the word “education” and has the meaning of drawing out the innate wisdom and virtue of a child. Additionally, as the combination of “edu-“ and “care”, Educare connotes education conducted with consideration and heart.


Through cultivation of an abundant heart respectful toward Nature, and the assimilation of habits of hearing good, seeing good, speaking good, and thinking good, children’s thought, word and deed become balanced and pure, which will result in the outward manifestation of inherent human virtues. This process is Educare. In order to achieve such a process, it is crucial that the teachers themselves serve as good role models. Teachers who have been trained in the SSEHV method are themselves pupils of Sathya Sai Education alongside their students, and they strive daily for self-improvement. Through the love and example of the dedicated teacher practicing a moral lifestyle, the virtues innate within the children will also be drawn out. This educational method of close relations between teacher and student has been seen as an ideal since ancient times.


Sathya Sai Education has revived this ideal education for the present. In the actual SSEHV classes, self-confidence, growth, and excellence are cultivated through the use of the five central Teaching Techniques (Silent Sitting, Storytelling, Group Singing, Positive Thinking, Group Activity), amidst an atmosphere permeated by kindness and consideration.

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