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​SSEHV National Camp




SSEHV National Camp

The SSEHV National Camp are packed with fun activities such as EHV classes, Nature Games, and a Cultural Program, and the venues are carefully selected for their abundant natural settings so that all participants, children and parents alike can play and learn while communicating with Mother Nature. The program is focused toward children from first through ninth grade and their parents. The program aims at (1) deepening and furthering interaction amongst nationwide SSEHV students and providing an opportunity for them to display (utilise?) what they have learned through SSEHV; (2) deepening understanding with regard to SSEHV through demonstration classes and the Cultural Program; and (3) deepening understanding amongst parents with regard to SSEHV through the regular meeting of the Parent’s Association, informal talk sessions between teachers and parents, and Parenting Seminars.

Nature Games are outdoor activities which all of the five senses are used to directly experience Nature. By using their five senses, through their bodies and hearts, it helps the children to become aware of the Oneness within themselves and Nature. During the Cultural Program, each classroom prepares some program, such as a chorus or instrumental performance and present what they have learned in SSEHV. Every year, the children can use the arts and crafts room to create unique works of art which they can take home as mementos.

In the parent’s program, parents spend their time in a fulfilling fashion deepening interaction with one another, setting stances and objectives for SSEHV with the support of the Parent’s Association. The Parenting Seminars serve to increase parent’s awareness about parenting by learning how to apply the SSEHV Values philosophy.

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